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PANASONIC Toughbook CF 27


Panasonic Toughbook model CF-27 (300 MHz)

Rough Service Pentium 300 MHz Refurbished laptop, 64 MB Ram, 3.5" FDD, 6 GB HDD, Touch pad & screen, Boots to DOS no OS. w/power supply.W/O handle. MILITARY - POLICE GRADE!

Panasonic Toughbook model CF-27LB (500 MHz)

10 gb HDD. No FDD. This model has wireless and includes "touchscreen" feature. W/ handle.

Battery Technology:

Lithium Ion

Display Max Resolution:

800 x 600

Display Type :

TFT Active Matrix

External Video Resolution:

1024 x 768

Floppy Drive or CD-ROM Available, please call for pricing.

Installed Cache Memory:

256 KB

Model Number:



56k Fax/Modem

Processor Type:

Intel Pentium III

Audio Output Type:

Sound Card

Dimensions (Inches):

9.69 x 2.6 x 11.86 (D x H x W)

Weight: 7.72 lbs

Display Size:

12.1 inches TFT Active Matrix

Hard Drive Size:

10 Gig

Installed Memory:

64 MB (192 MB Max)

Operating System:

N/A Windows 98 SE or Win NT 4.0 (COA ONLY).
With Out Operating System (boots only)


Intel Pentium III 500mhz

Installed Video Memory:

4 MB

Input Method:

Keyboard, TouchPad, Touch Screen, Most of the batteries have been good, however no warranty on laptop batteries.
PANASONIC Toughbook CF 27
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