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Compaq PIII, 500-650 Mhz, 2 ISA Slots, Refurbished

Compaq Deskpro PIII 500-650 (please specify). 2 ISA slots available and 3 PCI slots.
Processor: PIII 450, 500, 550, or 600-MHz Processors, 100 MHz bus Intel PIII Chipset Intel 810e chipset supports motherboard bus speeds of 66MHz, 100MHz and 133MHz Cache: 512k L2 integrated Memory: 32/64MB non ECC only to 512MB, 168pin, unbuffered, SDRAM DIMMs Intel 82810 Northbridge PCI: PCI Rev. 2.1 Video: Intel 3D Graphics (integrated) with 4-MB SGRAM (not upgradeable) plus dynamic main memory allocation providing maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 with 16.7M colors at 85 Hz Intel 3D AGP: Direct ISA: PCI Bus to ISA Bus Bridge Intel 82371AB Southbridge (PIIX4) IDE: Primary Ultra ATA (UDMA) supporting up to 4 IDE devices USB: Dual Stacked USB Port I/O: 2-16550 UART; 1-EPP/ECP/SPP Parallel Port; Floppy, Keyboard, Mouse controllers National 87307VUL Super I/O Audio: Integrated AC97 audio

Works as a tower or desktop. CD Rom, Floppy, HDD, 32 to 64 mb Ram. Completely rebuilt. Without OS, monitor or keyboard.
Compaq PIII, 500-650 Mhz, 2 ISA Slots, Refurbished
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