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P51430TX, Socket 7 Motherboard



Intel 82430TX chipset

Bus Type

4 PCI Local bus slots 3 ISA bus slots


Intel Pentium® Processor 75MHz to 200MHz Intel Pentium® Processor 166/200/233MHz with MMX™ technology Cyrix 6x86, 6x86MX and M II PR266/PR300 Microprocessor AMD K5, K6 and K6-2 PR266/PR300 Microprocessor

System Memory

Two 168pin DIMM sockets Support 8MB to 128MB Synchronous DRAM Four 72pin SIMM sockets Support 8MB to 256MB memory capacity Support standard Fast page mode and EDO RAM

Cache Memory

256/ 512KB Pipeline burst SRAM on board


AWARD FLASH BIOS with plug and play ready Build-in NCR810 driver

On board IDE

Two PCI PIO and Bus Master IDE ports Support up to PIO mode 4 and Ultra DMA/33

I/O Feature

Two high speed serial ports (16550 Fast UART compatible) One enhanced parallel port (SPP/EPP/ECP support) One floppy port supports up to 2 floppy drives (360K/720K/1.2M/1.44M/2.88M) Support IrDA Infrared and 2 USB (Universal Serial Bus)

Green Function

Support ACPI Power Management Two Green mode support: Standby and Suspend

Advanced Feature

All I/O ports can be enabled / disabled by BIOS setup Enhanced SDRAM performance Support concurrent PCI architecture Provide protection circuit to prevent damage to the parallel port Anti-virus function * Support PS/2 mouse and optional PS/2 keyboard DMI ready * Support Multi-booting (CD-ROM, SCSI, C, D, E, F, A) * Support bootable LS-120MB floppy drive On-board Switching Voltage Regulator CPU thermal detection and protector * Support internal Modem Ring On * Support Power LED dimmed when soft off * Support Sleep LED header * Support Windows 95' software power shutdown (ATX power supply required) * Support QDI LogoEasy Certificates NSTL Year 2000 Compliant Board Size 220mm X 250mm
P51430TX, Socket 7 Motherboard
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