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286-mobo-combo.jpg 286 AT Motherboard
This is a vintage combo board and cpu, standard style fits an 'AT' case. The board has 'D-RAM' memory on board included FREE! Used, warranted NOT DOA! Fully Tested before shipping.
Quantity   1      2+  
Price $395.00 $369.00
Buy several and SAVE! Very RARE!
MOBO386DX40-NEW-2.jpg 386 DX 40 Baby Motherboard, New
NEW, Standard AT 386DX40 baby motherboard! We have Refurbished also!
baby-AT-combo.jpg 386 DX-40 Baby Motherboard
Baby AT 386 DX 33 OR 40 motherboard 6.5" X 8.5" Great for Industrial Applications. Used, Refurbished. Same 90 day warranty!
baby-AT-combo.jpg 386 SLC-33 "BABY" Motherboard
386 SLC-33 to 40 or DLC baby motherboard.
baby-AT-combo.jpg 386 SX-40 Baby Motherboard
Baby AT 386 motherboard, 6.5" X 8.5" Great for Industrial Applications.
FRU27F4667-386SX16MOBO-PS2TYPE50SX.jpg 386SX-16 IBM PS/2 Motherboard
$249.00 $139.00 On Sale!
IBM PS/2 386SX16 motherboard combo. fru 27f4667
368SX-SXL-25AMD-MOBOCOMBO386.jpg 386SX/SXL-25 Baby Motherboard
386-25,386 SX/SXL25
EV18108-486MB.jpg 486 EV18108, Motherboard
$149.00 $149.00 On Sale!
Evertech EV18108,486 motherboard. No BIOS or CPU. Onboards IDE & floppy controller. Requires a memory, RAM card (not included). This picture is actual item.
EV8038-486MB.jpg 486 EV8038, Motherboard
Evertech EV8038,486 motherboard. Includes BIOS, no CPU. This picture is actual item. Requires a memory, RAM card (not included). We have 9 of these refurbished motherboards.
Quantity   1 - 5     6+  
Price $149.00 $139.00
486SX33-w-cashe-upgrdsocket.jpg 486 SX to DX4 100 Motherboard Combo
Refurbished 486 standard AT style motherboard with ISA and VLB slots. Choose CPU and motherboard.
Quantity   1+  
Price $359.00

Choose CPU Speed here!
abcresellerslogo.gif AMD SLOT A Motherboard
AMD Slot A motherboard
Quantity   1+  
Price $159.99
TADIRAN-BAT.jpg CMOS Clock Battery, External
External CMOS clock battery. We have upgraded to lithium batteries manufactured in Israel as they make a much better battery than these black Rayovac. You can purchase here and we will send the better battery.
Quantity   1 - 5     6+  
Price $26.44 $22.79
Dallas-Semiconductor-DS1687-3.jpg Dallas Clock, DS12887A, New
Dallas DS12887A CMOS real time clock & battery and BIOS, Replaces old part number DS1287. NEW
Quantity   1      2+  
Price $38.44 $34.99
ibmps2_30combo.jpg IBM PS/2 model 30 Motherboard
IBM PS/2 model 30 main-board (without 8086 Intel CPU.) This board has VGA video on-board, PS/2 keyboard & mouse connectors, lpt and com ports. The board has IDE & floppy controller on board.(w/o 8086 Intel CPU and w/o ram shown in picture).
Quantity   1      2      3      4+  
Price $148.44 $140.99 $137.99 $134.99
P51430TX-TIT-1B.jpg P51430TX, Socket 7 Motherboard
This board is as you see it with cpu, heatsink/fan, cables and Ram. Most of these are 200MMX CPU.
Quantity   1 - 3     4 - 9     10+  
Price $198.00 $184.00 $169.88
P51430TX-TIT-1B.jpg Super7 Mobo Combo Motherboard
Super7 Motherboard with CPU, Ram, Fan, and Cables!
Quantity   1 - 9     10+  
Price $198.00 $179.99
486vlb-new.jpg 486 VLB Motherboard
CPU-CARD-467-REV-C3.jpg MegaRAID 467 Enterprise 1500
Enterprise 1500 2-channel Ultra2 RAID controller
486dx266newABCresellers.jpg 486DX-2-66 motherboard combo, NEW

All NEW AMD 486dx2-66 CPU, NEW motherboard with cashe memory and 4mb of RAM. New CMOS battery.

Bulk Pack w/o docs.

Reg $399ea!

Quantity   1      2+  
Price $399.00 $389.99
PD440FX motherboard for use with Pentium II processor. New unopened retail boxed with on-board controllers.
IBM PS/2 Model 25 Motherboard
IBM PS/2 Model 25 motherboard.
EV-8038_486-33_4M-128K_1PRL_2SER.jpg 486 EV-486-33 motherboard (AS IS)
Evertech EV-8038/486-33-4m-128k- 1lpt-2ser, 1 printer port, 2 serial ports. slot for memory card not included. Bios chips present. This board believed good, we have 3 of them however w/o ram card can not test so Sold As Is.
Wyse 286 CPU card
Wyse 286 CPU card, Removed from Wyse computer.
LB-P151-166MHZ.jpg PC104 Computer Board
486 DX33 MOTHERBOARD WITH INTEL CPU AND RAM. Works fine except, holds time but NOT DATE. Sold as-is for half price.
New 486 Heatsink cooling fan with ball bearing for longer lasting life.
Quantity   1 - 3     4+  
Price $24.95 $19.99

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